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As a Landscape Architecture firm, we design everything from the building footprint out.  Meaning, from the base of the building to the limits of construction, the property line, or the street, we can creatively design every square inch to ensure that the project comes together as a collective whole.

We don’t “plant shrubs up against buildings”.  Rather, our philosophy is to create spaces that are functionally sound, yet are inquisitively striking visit after visit.  As much as we enjoy plant material, for us, how the space evolves structurally and feels comfortably comes first.


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Residential: Whether you have a revitalization, or a new home complete with dirt, C2 Landgroup, Inc. can incorporate your vision and our expertise into a plan that can be implemented by a qualified landscape contractor, or the do-it-yourselfer.

Commercial: Understanding different municipal ordinances can be daunting.  C2 Landgroup, Inc. can decipher and design a plan that incorporates the most stringent of rules.  Also, we understand the dynamics and scale of commercial projects and the budgets with which they implore.

Construction Administration: Ensuring that a project comes out like it was intended, C2 Landgroup, Inc. can oversee a project to that very end.  Thus, when site issues ensue, and they normally do, we can creatively solve the problem, as opposed to the untrained eye.

Irrigation and Lighting:  With water restrictions at an all time high, utilizing intelligent watering techniques is a must.  C2 Landgroup, Inc. can design systems for all types of landscapes.  Furthermore, we can subtly design lighting that highlights key elements of landscape, whether it’s structural, or plant material, so your space can be enjoyed at any hour, day, or night.

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“Lopez Salas Architects, Inc. has been involved in a variety of projects that range from high-end corporate office buildings to university and K-12 projects. Our designs always push the envelope and require intense collaboration of all disciples. C2 Landgroup, Inc. has been a great partner in providing exceptional service and design to our clients through thoughtful collaboration on our projects from early stages of design. Their knowledge of architecture, landscaping and planning is evident in their body of work and more importantly, in the projects they have done for us.”

Robert A. Lopez, AIA


Lopez Salas Architects, Inc.

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“As totally satisfied customers of C2 Landgroup Inc., every day is a special day at our home as we enjoy our beautifully landscaped yard and courtyard.  The careful thought and planning that went into the layout design of every tree, shrub, and plant were impeccable and absolutely perfect.  From vibrant reds and yellows to deep purples and pinks, flowers bloom year round adding a touch of beauty and cheer.  Thank you C2 Landgroup, Inc. for the excellent job and in making our yard the envy of the neighborhood.  Your first class work deserves the highest recognition.  We bless you for blessing us.”

Jeff & Rose Bonner

San Antonio, Texas

“...It has been a pleasure having each individual that has contributed in some way to the overall ‘canvas’ on our property-beginning with our very gifted and delightful architect, Chad Stranahan.”

Helen and Dick Yowell

Boerne, Texas

“My architectural firm has worked with, and recommended to others, C2 Landgroup, Inc. for our landscaping design needs. We like their attention to detail, creative and practical solutions and promptness of services. Their presentation techniques are great communication tools that inform our clients of landscaping designs and choices.”

Richard Mogas, AIA