Growing up in central Indiana, I had several influences that sculpted and shaped my life.  Rooted in the family’s 150-acre farm, strong family values and traditions, and a deep sense of God and Country, I went to Purdue University to be a sports broadcaster.  That is, until I went into a class with 400 other sports broadcaster wanna-bees.  Not having an Architecture program, I inquired about Landscape Architecture.  With the ability to design, to be outside, and to influence change, the 5 year curriculum was the call.

My belief is that, as a designer, you are only as good as your experience takes you.  Meaning, if you’ve only seen your bedroom, you’ll only design those things that are alike in your bedroom.  I have been fortunate enough to have traveled extensively.  Whether it was with the U.S. Army, my internship at SWA, backpacking through Europe, or just jumping in the car and “goin’ someplace”, I’ve had the opportunity to see, to do, and to experience.  This, I believe, gives me a greater range as a designer.

Finally, why “C2”?  It’s a family name.  My dad and 2 brothers all have the same initials, “CMS”.  To keep things straight, we would label and sign items according to the birth order.  Dad was C1, I was C2, and my younger twin brothers were C3 and C4.  My youngest brother has an architectural firm in Orlando, Florida, named C4 Architecture.  So, the moral of the story is - be careful what you name your children.  They may start a company someday.

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Facilities & Personnel:

C2 Landgroup, Inc. is a professional Landscape Architecture firm located in San Antonio, Texas.  Currently, with a staff of four, C2 landgroup, Inc. is highly capable of producing varying degrees of projects, as well as being responsive to the clients’ needs.  Every client has a direct line of communication with the owner.  Every project is carefully handled by the project manager, but designed, detailed, and delivered by the principal in charge. 

Multidisciplinary design teamwork is a strong asset of C2 Landgroup, Inc.  With over 15 years of experience working on fluid projects, it is not uncommon to have architects, engineers, developers, and general contractors move buildings, change grades, or fluctuate budgets. 

Fully computer automated, C2 Landgroup, Inc. can integrate any clients’ computer system into a working drawing to then create construction documents.  After all, that’s the final goal; to have a created, built environment that’s constructed on time and under budget.

Here is a list of some of our staff’s email addresses for further contact.  Click on the individuals name for more information.

Chad Stranahan, Principal

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