C2 Landgroup, Inc.

Company Information...

As a Landscape Architecture firm, we design everything from the building footprint out.  Meaning, from the base of the building to the limits of construction, the property line, or the street, we can creatively design every square inch to ensure that the project comes together as a collective whole.  

We don’t “plant shrubs up against buildings”.  Rather, our philosophy is to create spaces that are functionally sound, yet are inquisitively striking visit after visit.  As much as we enjoy plant material, for us, how the space evolves structurally and feels comfortably comes first.


January 2006


Texas #2312


ESBE, SBE, VBE 218016478


317 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1

San Antonio, Texas 78215


210.269.5454 tel.




Founder Biography...

Growing up in central Indiana, Chad had several influences that sculpted and shaped his life.  Rooted in the family’s 150-acre farm, strong family values and traditions, and a deep sense of God and Country, Chad went to Purdue University to be a sports broadcaster.  That is, until he went into a class with 400 other sports broadcaster wanna-bees.  Not having an Architecture program, he inquired about Landscape Architecture.  With the ability to design, to be outside, and to influence change, the 5 year curriculum was the call.

His belief is that, as a designer, you are only as good as your experience takes you.  Meaning, if you’ve only seen your bedroom, you’ll only design those things that are alike in your bedroom.  He has been fortunate enough to have traveled extensively.  Whether it was with the U.S. Army, his internship at SWA in South Florida, backpacking through Europe, or just jumping in the car and “goin’ someplace”, he has had the opportunity to see, to do, and to experience.  This, he believes, gives him a greater range as a designer.

Finally, why “C2”?  It’s a family name.  His dad and younger 2 brothers all have the same initials, “CMS”.  To keep things straight, they would label and sign items according to the birth order.  Dad was C1, Chad was C2, and his younger twin brothers were C3 and C4.  One brother is the City Engineer for the City of Kokomo, Indiana.  His youngest brother has an architectural firm in Orlando, Florida, named C4 Architecture.  So, the moral of the story is; be careful what names you give your children.  They may start a company someday.

Here are some testimonials from some of our clients & colleagues...

“Lopez Salas Architects, Inc. has been involved in a variety of projects that range from high-end corporate office buildings to university and K-12 projects. Our designs always push the envelope and require intense collaboration of all disciples. C2 Landgroup, Inc. has been a great partner in providing exceptional service and design to our clients through thoughtful collaboration on our projects from early stages of design. Their knowledge of architecture, landscaping and planning is evident in their body of work and more importantly, in the projects they have done for us.”

     Robert A. Lopez, AIA


     Lopez Salas Architects, Inc.

“My architectural firm has worked with, and recommended to others, C2 Landgroup, Inc. for our landscaping design needs. We like their attention to detail, creative and practical solutions and promptness of services. Their presentation techniques are great communication tools that inform our clients of landscaping designs and choices.”

     Richard Mogas, AIA

“As totally satisfied customers of C2 Landgroup Inc., every day is a special day at our home as we enjoy our beautifully landscaped yard and courtyard.  The careful thought and planning that went into the layout design of every tree, shrub, and plant were impeccable and absolutely perfect.  From vibrant reds and yellows to deep purples and pinks, flowers bloom year round adding a touch of beauty and cheer.  Thank you C2 Landgroup, Inc. for the excellent job and in making our yard the envy of the neighborhood.  Your first class work deserves the highest recognition.  We bless you for blessing us.”

     Jeff & Rose Bonner

     San Antonio, Texas

“...It has been a pleasure having each individual that has contributed in some way to the overall ‘canvas’ on our property-beginning with our very gifted and delightful landscape architect, Chad Stranahan.

     Helen and Dick Yowell

     Boerne, Texas